Westport's History

During the 50s, 60s and 70s Westport was known as the Salmon Fishing Capital of the World and thousands arrived each day between Memorial Day and Labor Day in pursuit of the mighty King Salmon! At that time only a few people visited to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches or to surf it was all about salmon. Fishing was cut back so severely in the 80s that tourism suffered as well and even though more people around the state began looking for a tranquil beach retreat, few knew about Westport’s fantastic beaches. As the towns of Ocean Shores, Long Beach and the Oregon Coast saw an increase in visitors, Westport sat quietly hanging onto fishing.

Fast forward to 2014. Sportfishing has grown in popularity again but it’s not just about Salmon anymore! The seasoned crews of the Westport charter fleet guide people to fantastic fishing experiences that include Halibut, Rock & Ling Cod, Crab & Albacore Tuna! Besides the thrill of reeling in a feisty fish and enjoying the open ocean, many recognize the health benefits of eating freshly caught wild fish. That’s not to say you can’t hook into a slab of a Chinook Salmon these days. Sportfishing is a healthy experience in many ways and one that can enjoy generationally!

In addition to fishing, Westport Washington is now recognized as the most popular surfing destination in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. The consistency of surfable waves and the frequency of great waves combined with the convenient access gives surfers reason to take the easy drive to the coast. Along with the surfing comes miles of sandy beach ideal for beachcombing and all manner of beach play. You won’t find a more people friendly beach in the state. If you have never visited Westport Washington why not take a drive to the coast to discover the charm and natural beauty? If you have visited before, whether it has been ten years or ten days since – we hope to see you again soon!